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What’s ShareNest?

Who we are

We are a social enterprise that matches capable volunteers with NGOs & social impact projects around the world.


Non profits

We are a community of change-makers; a tribe of people who are eager to do good, share kindness and love, and add value to society.

How it works


Step 1

Create your profile, describe your talents, your volunteer preferences, and showcase your work.

Step 2

Raise your hand and:
A. Wait for thousands of national and international projects and non-profit organizations to reach out to you.

B. Search for your favorite volunteer activity and with just 2 clicks sign up to it.

Step 3

Accept the opportunity and start making a difference.

Social Projects & NGOs

Step 1

Create your profile, describing your mission and your cause of impact

Step 2

Get Volunteers with 2 simple options:
A. Choose the service you need help with and with 2-clicks reach out to thousand of talent volunteers waiting to share.

B. Post your request and wait for volunteers to sign up to the task.

Step 3

Manage your volunteer activities and track your impact on your Dashboard.

How to Sign up

Create a profile

Let the world know what your unique talent is, and what you're passionate about! Remember, your profile will be what organizations use to inquire for your services, so don't be shy, brag a little! 🙂

Wait for volunteer

After you've completed your profile, simply wait for organizations around the world to give you a digital tap on the shoulder, and begin the conversation! You can expect an exciting variety of projects and organizations you'll be contacted by, with some amazing causes!

Accept the

Once you've identified the organization and cause you're most excited about, simply click to engage, and begin making an impact!


Improves your emotional intelligence and gives you more fulfillment

Awakens a behavioral change (from taker to giver)

Improves your school & college experience

Increases your job prospects

Positively impacts your self-esteem

Reduces wasted time on unnecessary tasks

Increases your community engagement

Creates connections in real life with real friends

Volunteering made simple

Our platform will be live very soon, join our movement and get access before anyone else.

Invite friends to change the world and earn benefits

It’s easy as sending out a quick email with your custom link to a few friends or sharing on Social Media.

Share with 5 people and you will get access to our platform before anyone else.

Share with 25 people and you will get first access to our platform before anyone else and first pick on volunteer opportunities.

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